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XStoryPlayer is an advanced 3d game engine in which you play the erotic stories.

64 Bits

  • The 32 bits version is: XStoryPlayer.exe.
  • The 64 bits version is: XStoryPlayer64.exe.

When you have an 64 capable system, automatically the 64 bits version of XStoryPlayer is started. So even when you start XStoryPlayer.exe the 64 bits version XStoryPlayer64.exe is started.

You can 'force start' the 32 bits version on a 64 bits OS by renaming or deleting the XStoryPlayer64.exe file.


The default location for XStoryPlayer is:

C:/Users/[Your Name]/AppData/Local/X Moon Productions/XStoryPlayer 3/


XStoryPlayer can be started using startup parameters e.g.:

XStoryPlayer64.exe -path "C:/Users/[Your Name]/AppData/Local/X Moon Productions/XStoryPlayer 3/" -settings "settings.ini" -start "MAIN"

Startup parameters

  • -path: The startup path
  • -settings: The 'settings.ini' file used for the settings
  • -start: Same as start_mode in the 'settings.ini'


Create a windows shortcut on your desktop (or other location) with target:

"C:/Users/[Your Name]/AppData/Local/X Moon Productions/XStoryPlayer 3/XStoryPlayer64.exe" -path "C:/Users/[Your Name]/AppData/Local/X Moon Productions/XStoryPlayer 3/" -start "MAIN"

So you can easily startup XStoryPlayer skipping the splash screens.