Adding new story

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First we will add a new story to XStoryPlayer.

Again during all tutorials do not save!

  1. Place the pack_abducted directory from the 'Tutorial resource pack' in the ./pack directory of XStoryPlayer.
  2. Open XStoryPlayer and go to the story menu. You should see here the "Abducted" story. Start it.
  3. You should be in a test room, with red boxes. Press F3 to close XStoryPlayer.
  4. Set start_mode = SCENE; because we will be starting directly in storymode from now on.
  5. Open the /pack_abducted/story.txt file in an text editor. This file contains the information needed to add the new story to the story menu.
    Basically XStoryPlayer checks if there is a story.txt file in a ./pack/pack_[name][|.bin] file or directory. If so, it is added to either the fastsex menu or story menu.
    Because this story.txt file does not have type = FAST in it, it is added to the story menu.
  6. We have filled in some names and descriptions in the story.txt based on the story we are making. Try out different names and descriptions and see how they affect the story.
  7. The story images are still blanco and can be found in the /pack_abducted/story_images directory. Edit some of them if you like.
  8. A very important entry in the story.txt file is the code = "init/story/init.dat";. It means that the entry code for the story can be found in that file.
  9. But before we start coding, first a setting has to be created. We will do this in the next tutorial 'Making new scene'.