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Fast Sex

This section is about the features in the Fast Sex mode.


This is a list of the stuff you can say to the girl in Fast Sex mode.

Command Effect Notes
come here She will come to the player She must be far away
bend over She will turn away from you and bend over (3.5+)
take off panties She will pull down her panties to knee level She must have dress/top layer clothing removed first (3.5+)
Handjob She will ask you to put your dick in her hand have tried to get this to work but have had no success (3.5+)
stand She stands up
bounce She bounces up and down
dance She will dance Music must be turned on by remote
suck my dick She will get on her knees and suck the dick if in reach
gag She will gag on your penis
kiss my dick She will kiss your penis
put hands on back She will put her hands on her back Need to be blowjob position
fuck me She will turn around and bend over, so that vaginal entry is possible She must be nude
anal fuck She will turn around and bend over, so that anal entry is possible She must be nude
fuck the pole She fuck the giant dildo She must be nude
get in the stocks She will go to the stock and fall over if not guided Stock need to be open
lay on the bed She will lay on the bed ready for orgasm
pee (wile laying on bed) She will pee while laying on the bed even with dildo in pussy or ass She must be nude
pee on the toilet She will go to toilet and pee
pee She will pee on the floor
fuck the machine She will use the robot
[Name] get in the chains She will get in the chains 3.5+ required
[Name] get in the cage She will crawl in the cage 3.5+ required
[Name] crawl She will crawl on the floor 3.5+ required
Monica fuck saiko (on the table) Self explanatory 3.5+ required

This is a list of things you can do with a girl in Fast Sex mode.

Action Effect Notes
put funnel in mouth and eject in it She swallow and sometimes cough
attach clamps and objects to clamps Clamped parts will turn red
spank Spanked parts will turn red The girl will either ask for more or beg you to stop depending on mood
Whip Red stripes will appear As above