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This page aims to give as much informations as possible on the Tentacle dreams official story.


I have to find out what how to interact with this creature!
So far, it only seems to respond to the most primitive of stimuli, namely reproduction.
Maybe that if I satisfy its needs, it will evolve into a more intelligent state. But I need a subject, preferable a willing one. I cannot let this experiment go unfinished!




That's the hero, your typical nerd. He's working as a system administrator in a big firm, but also as a mad scientist in his apartment (which is also a basement).


Saiko, 18, is a young painter who just settled in the city. She doesn't know a lot of people but is eager to meet new ones.




Monica, 27, is a young and active woman working as Peter's manager. She doesn't like to lose time but she's also a fair manager.


Genesis of an Armageddon

You start the story in one of your dreams. Not much to do here apart from watching Monica losing her dress.

Aaaaand you wake up. No tits for you. Yet.

Courtesy of Pickled Cow
Switches for the reactor

You are in your flat, or whatever you currently call the place you live in. Let's say "basement". But it's time for some science! Let's try to teleport things, should be fun. To do this, follow these easy steps:

- Open the first portal platform (the one linked to the first reactor) by pushing a button located right near to it

- Go take the green container and put it on the platform and close it

- Start the two reactors

- Open all the valves of both reactors as indicated in the picture. Click on it with your mouse and stay clicking until it is finished.

- Inject the plasma by pressing the button "Plasma start" on the reactors' interfaces

- Set the shift for both reactors and put them to full speed. Reactor 1: 20.5, reactor 2: 17.5, Speed on both Reactors: 1000 and above.

Plasma parameters both

Now the plasma should have collided, making the teleportation a success. Let's try with organic matter! I won't say more as, as a grown man, I'm sure you know what to do next(Reactors need to be at 1030 Speed).

After you're done, put the container back in the teleportation portal platform and relaunch the sequence (that means doing everything again. Sorry).

You should have successfully created your first... whatever... monster! Take it in your hands and you'll be sick in no time. Just put it again on the destination platform.

Let's try to stimulate it, what's the worst that could happen? Turn the light off (the switch is right near the door) and take the beamer remote on your desk. Use it to make your new pet watch pictures. Watch a few and you'll stumble upon a porn one. Seems it's working! Try with some more and on the most explicit one, the creature will cum all over the place. Do another round of picture to confirm the stimulation pattern.

Looks like it loves sex! Show it your penis. Yeah, you heard me.

Next, put it on the ground. After a few minutes, it should disappear in a flash.

Who stole my cat?

The next stage involves tracking down the creature after it has disappeared, the way to do this is to first leave the basement via the metal door and go up the stairs and look for a slime trail on the floor. This will lead you around the building and up another set of stairs until it leads you to Saikos' front door.

Ring the bell and she will answer at this point you need to be careful what you ask because you can get her to leave and you will not be able to continue, the best thing to do is to ask her "Have you seen my cat?", since you will get a thought bubble saying that she likes cats.

Once you have asked her this she will return inside her apartment after claiming she heard a noise, at this point you still cannot enter but wait until you hear a scream coming from inside, it is at this point when you can fully enter.

At this point you will find her in her bathroom with the creature on her, you have to approach the creature, catch hold of it and return it to the portal containment tube in the basement, once this task is complete return to Saiko.

Returning to Saiko in her apartment there is a clear change in her behavior, she will start to smell you and tell you she is attracted to you, it is this point where you must undress her and have sex with her.

After this she will fall asleep, while it is possible to do what you want with her in this pose, it is not easy. You will get a thought bubble reminding you to go to work, your keycard is located in the basement, press "esc" to go to the map and go to work.

Note: If she wants you to deep throat her, it is not enough to just have her suck on it, you must move forward until she chokes and give her lots of cum (press 1 lots of times). This applies for all deep throat scenes in the episode.

The Office

First pick up your employee card at your lab and bring it with you to the office to open the front door. (You don't need the employee card anymore here so drop it outside)

Angel Wing IT is the logo on your employee card and in the elevator you will see the same logo and name on the 16-18th floor.

Take the elevator to the 16th floor and walk up to the biometric sensor. Use your finger on the sensor. Monica's office is the one labeled M. Friedmann (Managing Director) on the 16th floor.

Walk up to Monica's computer and pick up the mouse then press (U) You will then discover there might be a problem with the servers.

Go to the Server room 1 in the same floor. Turn on the server screens by pressing the red buttons on the servers. The server to the right of the door is the problem. (Have you tried turning it on and off again?..Really?)

Reset that server and go back to Monica's office Use the mouse again and tell Monica it's working again. Leave the room when she confirms that it's working again.

Go out to the elevator (press red button) Time to check on your creature. Press ESC and go to city view and go back to your appartment.

Go to where you placed the creature earlier and watch its size. Pick the creature up and shake it a little. Drop it in the center of the lab. Watch it move around (you might have to move it a little since it can get stuck) then it teleporrts away.

Press ESC and go to city view and go back to the Office. Go into the elevator and up to 16th floor and follow the smudge tracks to the Conference room. Watch the show going on until it drops defenses then pick it up and go back to lab (ESC city view) and put it in the cage again.

Note: The above will take several minutes and advancing close enough to the creature so it reacts to your presence will cause the time the scene takes to pause.

Now back to Monica at the office. Yet another elevator trip to the 16th floor. Go to her office. Watch the show the do what she tells you to do.. shes the boss you know..

As Saiko did she will fall asleep at this point and you are required to go back to the basement to continue.

Two Girls one Monster

Once you have returned to the basement you will notice the creature has once again evolved/grown and has a new set of arms, you can interact with the creature by showing it your penis, it will try to interact with it but is unable to.

After a few minutes pass Saiko will arrive and will completely ignore you and comment on how the creature is beautiful and smells nice, she will then lead it to the table and cause it to use its central "mouth" tentacle on her. After few minutes your character will think that he need to stop what the creature is doing, step between them and creature will move to the left corner of the second reactor and Saiko will be yell at you. After a further few minutes Monica will turn up and catch you, although as it turns out she does not want you, she wants the creature again.

Both Monica and Saiko will ask you to undress them and let the creature fuck them with its tentacle arms and they will both demand that you make them gag with your penis, to do this you need to move forward when they are sucking on you and then press 1 repeatedly, if it seems like the scene is not progressing then you have not gagged them enough/fed them enough sperm.

Once the scene has moved on everything will start to get blurry and you will pass out.

Entered the wrong tunnel

When you wake up there will be a portal in the room and the girls will be missing, in order to get them back you need to enter the tunnel and rescue them.

When you enter the portal you will be in an unknown cave, with a thought bubble saying it must be an alternate dimension, if you wish to see what became of the girls at this point you can walk down the tunnel into an opening to see the girls having sex with two very large creatures, you have to save them from the creatures to do this near where you were teleported in the tunnel there is a new small larvae, you have to pick this up and walk down the cave until the larva changes colour and starts to screech. At this point drop the creature and move into the cave. The formerly occupied creatures will drop the girls and go to the aid of the larva. (Note: They do not move once they have reached the mouth of the cave, so you can interact with them if you wish).

Now the girls are kneeling on the floor and since they are addicted to sex there is only one thing on you that will cause them to move, you have to make the girls crawl to you and make them move into the portal, this can be quite tricky but the best way is to make them crawl towards you until you are near the portal (wait for a warbling sound over your shoulder) then move to the side of the portal until the girls are close to it, then move to the opposite side of the portal the girls are on, this should cause them to crawl into it. If they are stopping and smelling the air a lot that means that you are too far away, and if they open their mouths at you that means you are too close.

Once you have both of the girls back into the portal take the portal yourself and you will find the girls asleep. This will lead to a thought bubble saying that they cannot go out again and you will find a way to keep them safe. This leads to the free sex mode.